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Anomaly Detection

Fraud Prevention Solutions

Use the latest AI technology to stay one step ahead of fraud.

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Built to Beat Fraud

Let AI save you time and money by detecting fraud early.

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Faster and More Efficient Fraud Detection

Using AI fraud detection algorithms, your business can detect any fraudulent activity long before it ends up costing you money.

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Increased Accuracy

Enhance your technology - don't let your fraud detection capabilities become obsolete. Using AI you can detect even the most complex and advanced fraud strategies.

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Enhance your content creation strategies with AI superpowers. Learn more about how it can transform your business.

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Use Cases

Chatbots are used in just about every industry that involves customer-business interactions. Here are a few examples.

Recognize Fraud Transaction

Analyze all incoming transactions and pick out the ones that are more likely to be fraudulent. Instant results with very high accuracy make this the gold standard fraudulent transaction detection method.

Recognize Fraud Account Creation

Determine which new accounts are likely to have been created for fraudulent purposes. By analyzing the multitude of variables that make up an account, the AI can determine which accounts should be flagged for observation after the moment of creation.

When you're ready to accelerate your business

Simple and fully scalable file structure organization.
Never again will you have to wonder if a given element is an Atom or a Molecule.

Custom Training

Contact us to learn more about the costs associated with training.


Training price depends on how much data you have.


Get started with fraud detection by analyzing up to 50,000 data points per month at this level.


Analyze up to 50,000 data points per month.


Ready for the next step? Analyze up to 200,000 data points with this tier.


Analyze between 50,000 and 200,000 data points per month.


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Need a custom fraud detector? Contact us. We'll help your vision become a reality


Customize the training process so that the fraud detector suits your needs.