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Transform your business with bespoke Machine Learning APIs

Giant Leap allows businesses to harness the predictive and generative powers of AI / ML without the need for an in-house data engineering team.

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ML as a service saves 60% or more on costs by removing the need for an internal team of engineers and data specialists.


ML as a service slashes time-to-market by about 70% or more for developing and deploying machine learning models.

Integrating with cutting-edge technologies and platforms

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Why our clients
choose us

Giant Leap is particularly useful for business who want to leverage machine learning but may not have expertise in coding, data science, or ML algorithms.

Most existing IT stacks do not have the necessary infrastructure and resourcing required to power machine learning models and their data processing pipelines. Giant Leap manages this complex infrastructure and provides an easy-to-use API to execute your AI/ML model(s).

Data and AI integration

Enhance the data-driven decision process by integrating AI into existing software workflows, driving innovation and building a competitive advantage.

Open and flexible AI infrastructure

The freedom of leveraging AI/ML solutions without the need to engineer and manage complex infrastructure. Scalable and configurable to meet your needs.

low-code tooling

Execute, manage and train AI/ML models though an API or the Giant Leap management console. AI Engineering team not required.

Key Features

Prototype to Production

Robust, managed and scalable AI/ML services allow for faster time-to-market strategies and drive real-world business transformations.

Data Readiness

Clean and preprocess your data with industry best practices, ensuring high quality performance of your specific AI/ML solution. All through the Giant Leap data processing pipeline.

Training and Tuning

Reliable and automated parameter optimization for your AI/ML model(s), powered by a distributed and scalable cloud infrastructure. In English: faster R&D cycles and a shorter time-to-market.

Model Serving

Effortlessly deploy AI/ML capabilities and integrate them into your real-world systems through the high-availability Giant Leap API.

Model Monitoring

Analyze your AI/ML models' performance and accuracy KPIs in one place. The Giant Leap platform facilitates a business model based on data-driven decisions.

Model Management

Manage the lifecycle, versioning and training of your AI/ML models all in one place. Maintain robustness by relying on Giant Leap's purpose-built scalable AI infrastructure.

Where Giant Leap can help

Fraud Detection

Detect fraudulent activities through pattern recognition and anomaly detection.

Pattern Recognition
Anomaly Detection

Compliance & Governance

Analyze authorizations and audit trails to adhere to compliance and corporate governance obligations.

Pattern Recognition
Anomaly Detection
Process Optimization

Route Optimization

Generate optimal routes that minimize travel time, costs, and fuel consumption while maximizing efficiency.

Process Optimization

Warehouse Optimization

Enhance demand forecasting, optimize inventory management, and improve cost optimization.

Predictive Models

Property Value Forecasting

Generate predictive analytics based on real estate transaction patterns and purchasing behaviour.

Predictive Models

Tenant Scoring

Generate trust rating scores for the credibility of prospective tenants during the screening process.

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